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Accueil Nouvelles 2021 employee health checkup

2021 employee health checkup

  • 2021-07-14

2021 employee health checkup

In order to implement national occupational health-related laws and regulations, improve employees' physical fitness and health literacy, and protect employees' physical and mental health and legal rights, today, Xingyi organized the 2021 employee health checkup.


Xingyi Machinery attaches great importance to the health of employees, continuously improves the working environment and living environment, regularly organizes physical examinations of employees, actively establishes a sound health system, strengthens health promotion, education and training, and provides protection for the health of employees.


This employee health examination is a real move by Xingyi Machinery to actively implement its corporate purpose and sincerely care for its employees, and it has been highly praised by the cadres and employees. Through this physical examination of employees, the majority of employees deeply felt the care and warmth of the Xingyi family, inspired everyone's enthusiasm to love the company, love their jobs and work, strengthen the company's team cohesion. A safety "barrier" has been constructed for the health of employees.

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