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800-4A Self-Driven And Powerful Floor Grinding Polishing Machine Equipment

  • November 09, 2020

The grinding work in surface of ramp floor is very laborious. When a heavy grinder is working on a ramp,  it needs several people to control and assist the operation. The grinder may slide down the ramp as a distraction from the operator, which is full of danger and labor-intensive.

The HTG-800-4A self-propelled floor grinder from Xingyi has strong power and can grind on uneven ground, providing a stable foundation for uphill walking. With the combination of its own sensor and control chip, the machine can achieve a constant speed cruise. Whether uphill or downhill, one person can grind by himself. The walking speed can be adjusted freely from 0-25m/min, and different workers can achieve a relatively consistent grinding effect. The climbing ability is not only reflected in the construction but also solves the transportation problem of the heavy grinder. HTG-800-4A can easily overcome the difficulties of other similar grinding machines working on slopes. Fujian Xingyi Polishing Machine Co., Ltd's mission is to "make global floor labors to work with health and happiness". Choose Xingyi and embrace technology!

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