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The advantages and disadvantages of epoxy floor

  • 2021-09-14

The advantages and disadvantages of epoxy floor

In many large buildings, such as shopping malls, parking lots, factories and other areas, the ground is large. If you choose to lay tiles on the ground, it will be a large-scale project, and for many businesses , The cost of laying ceramic tiles is relatively high, and it also needs frequent maintenance, which is not cost-effective. Therefore, more and more epoxy floors are beginning to choose, such as epoxy self-leveling floors, which are very suitable for large-area floor laying. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of epoxy floor?

1. The advantages of epoxy floor

The main advantage of epoxy floor is that it is easy to clean. Because its surface is smooth and there are no ground joints, etc., it can be cleaned with a special cleaning vehicle or a large mop used in shopping malls when cleaning. It is efficient and needs to be cleaned. Clean it once or twice and it will look as clean as new. At the same time, epoxy floor also has good corrosion resistance, etc., so it can be used in many large buildings. Of course, the price of epoxy floor is not high. If you want to know the details, you can directly consult Xiudi.

2. Disadvantages of epoxy floor

The disadvantage of epoxy floor is that it is relatively troublesome when laying, and there are many construction steps, but if you can find a good construction team, this trouble can be solved. It is suggested that you can consider us. As a floor with rich experience, it can provide you with a comfortable guarantee from the supply of materials to the laying of the ground to the good service.

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